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Preparing your car properly for the MOT test can make financial sense. Lets say for example you put your car into your local MOT test station and it fails. You will then need to spend the time either repairing the faults or have a garage do it for you. It will also waste time that could have been avoided if you knew what was wrong with the vehicle before you had it tested.

Knowing of problems in advance will allow you the time to have the issues resolved prior to the test being carried out. This can add up to a saving in terms of time and also money. 

Try our Mock mot test. This will enable you to know in advance, of any problems or issues your car has, that may prevent it from being able to pass the MOT test.

The MOT test it's self will take approximately 45 mins. During this time you will not generally have access to the vehicle. Most MOT testing stations will provide a waiting area for you, or if you would rather you can leave and come back to collect the car later on.


MOT test stations also provide an area where you can observe the actual test being carried out. This area will be marked out within the MOT testing area. You must not got closer to the actual test area than you are permitted. This is in the interests of health and safety. If you are in any doubt about where you are allowed to go please ask at the MOT testing station.

Once the MOT test has been carried out the vehicle will either pass of fail the MOT. If your vehicle  passed you will receive a computerised MOT test certificate. If it fails you will receive failure notice. The failure notice will list all items that failed and a description as to why the item resulted in an MOT failure.

Sometimes a vehicle will pass the mot test but the tester who carried out the test has noticed some minor faults. If these faults are not bad enough to result in an MOT failure, but are bad enough  to inform the vehicle owner then an advisory note will be issued.



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