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Complete, secure, without serious leaks and silences effectively.

Exhaust system

Test procedure

The exhaust system must be free from serious leaks or advanced corrosion.  The entire system must be securely fixed to the vehicle as intended either by using exhaust mounts or the common rubber fitting mounts. The exhaust system must have the required number of silencers for your specific make and model of car. Your vehicle may fail the MOT due to noise levels if deemed to be excessive by the MOT inspector.


Common faults

  • Advanced corrosion on the exhaust system can lead to damage occurring within the exhaust. This can lead to exhaust leaks and in many cases this will result in an MOT failure. It really depends on how severe the leak is, and it is somewhat down to the examiners discression.
  • Silencer baffles missing can also result in an MOT failure. The baffles are designed to reduce the noise levels being passed through the exhaust. At the mot examiners digression excessive noise can result in an MOT failure.
  • Loose exhaust mountings can result in an MOT failure. Any loose or missing exhaust mounts may result in an MOT failure. Exhaust systems are usually secured into place using rubber mountings. These should be replaced of work or missing.

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