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Not only do the wiper blades provide a means of clearing rain and water from the windscreen they also provide a clear field of vision for the driver. If the blades are torn or damaged they should be replaced.

Replacing wiper blades

Inspecting wiper blade condition
If your wiper blades have tears or cuts on them then you should replace them. If there are no immediate signs of damage but the blades are not wiping the glass effectively then you may be able to try and restore them.

Restoring wiper blades
You may be able to improve the operation of your wiper blades using the following technique. This will only work if your blades are in fairly good condition and free of tears and splits.

Pour some vinegar onto a cloth and wipe it up and down the entire length of the wiper rubber. Leave for a few mins then wipe of using clean fresh water. This will soften the wiper rubber up and may improve their performance. If this fails then you will need to replace your wiper blades to improve performance.

Choosing wiper blades
You need to choose wiper blades that are of the correct size for the make and model of vehicle you own. There are many different sizes of wiper blade. Fitting the wrong size may result in poor wiper operation or damage to the rubber seal around the windscreen if the blades are to long.

Consult your vehicle owners handbook for the correct size of blade for your vehicle. You could simple fit the same size of replacement blades as those you will be removing, if you are certain the blades on the vehicle are of the correct size.

You may also want to consider fitting a wiper blade with a spoiler fitted. This type of blade is designed to operate more effectively when driving at speed, for example when driving on the motorway. They use the wind generated  to hold the blade firmly against the windscreen glass. These blades are generally a little bit more expensive but if you do a lot of motorway driving it may be worth spending little more.

Fitting wiper blades
Be very careful when you have removed the wiper blade from the wiper arm. If the wiper arm swings back against the windscreen it may crack the glass.

1) Raise the wiper arm away from the windscreen. rotate the wiper blade until it is horizontal. You should now be able to pull the wiper blade holder down towards the windscreen. There may be a release that you need to push in, located on the plastic retainer clip.

2) Remove the plastic retainer clip from the wiper arm. This should slide out easily now that the wiper blade and blade holder have been removed. Pay attention to the direction it was facing.

3) Fit the new plastic fitting clip to the wiper arm Make sure it is fitted facing the same direction as the old one you just removed.

4) Fit the new wiper blade and wiper blade holder to the wiper arm assembly. The wiper blade should click into place once it has been fitted correctly.

Fitting wiper blades is a fairly simple process. You should read and understand any instructions that came with your new blades before you proceed. In general terms your cars wiper arms will have a rounded section at the end where the wiper blade assemble will be attached. There will be a plastic section that secures onto the wiper blade. This section is then clipped over the end of the wiper arm and will "click" into place.

Usually a wiper blade will only fit in one position. be sure you are holding the blade the correct way before trying to force the blade into place. You should not need to use any excessive force. If the wiper blade will not fit then you may be doing something wrong.




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