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Bulb failure is one of the most common faults to occur o a car, thankfully it is also one of the easiest to repair. It makes sense to carry a selection of bulbs with you in the car to enable you to replace then when needed.

Changing car bulbs

Types of car bulb
This type of bulb might be used for an indicator or tail lamp bulb. It is a simple filament bulb, this means it has one light unit installed. It is simply on or off.
This type of bulb may be used in a number plate light or perhaps an internal light within the car. This type of bulb has the positive and negative on each end. It can be fitted one way or the other.
This type of bulb is a "cap less" bulb. It may be used for dash lights or on some cases number plate lamps.
This is a double filament bulb. In many cases this type of bulb is used as a combination of tail lamp and stop light. It has 2 light units fitted. this allows it to act as tail lamp, then brighter for brake light.
This is a halogen head lamp bulb. This is a double filament bulb used for dip beam and main beam. This is a very powerful light bulb.

Replacing bulbs
When ever you need to replace a bulb make sure you are replacing it with the correct type of bulb. You should be able to obtain the exact information about the bulb from the bulb it's self. It should be labelled with all the information you need to find a replacement.




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