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The air filter is designed to prevent potentially harmful substances entering into the emissions system. The air filter should be checked regularly to ensure that it is kept clear.

Checking air filter

Locating the air filter
The air filter will be located inside the engine bay. On older cars the air filter is located in a housing right on top of the engine. On newer cars it tends to be located to the side of the engine compartment.

If you are unsure please consult your owners manual. The air filter will generally be located inside a plastic housing with an air flow pipe running towards the engine.

The plastic housing usually has several clips that you can remove to gain access to the actual filter. The filter is constructed of mainly paper  with a plastic structure. On removal you should expect the filter to be dirty. you need to be able to make a judgment as to how dirt is to dirty. 

If the filter is just discoloured then it is ok. In most cases simply tap the filter on the ground or other surface to remove any real debris such as dirt or dust. Once you have done this you can simply re-fit the filter and re-secure the housing clips.

If the filter is really soiled then it may be best to replace the filter. any good parts supplier will be able to supply the correct filter for your car. Make sure you know the make, model and year when you call or pop in. Most parts stores will carry a stock of all popular filters so you should be ale to get your new filter straight away.

Fitting a new filter is the reverse of removal. If your filter has not been replaced in a year then you may be best to simply replace it.

A very contaminated air filter can lead to excessive fuel consumption. It is therefore important to regularly check your filters condition.




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