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The introduction of the computerised MOT system is a breakthrough that takes the test and the organization behind it firmly into the electronic age.

The computerised MOT system retains an electronic copy of all MOT test results in a retrievable database. This allows vehicle owners to check the authenticity of an MOT certificate using the Online service.

One main advantage of the computerisation of the MOT system is fighting counterfeited certificates. Now, if you have an MOT certificate you can quickly and simply make sure it's genuine.

It is also possible for police forces and other officials to know if your car is has an MOT based on your registration number. ANPR (Automatic number late recognition) camera are becoming more and more popular. They are often fitted to police cars and can read your number place as you pass. This alerts the officers to any motorist who is driving a car that does not have a valid MOT.

In recent times the only way to know if a car had an MOT or not was to ask the driver/owner of the vehicle to produce the MOT test certificate. This method was time consuming and not entirely reliable. it was also open to abuse if people where able to obtain a certificate using illegal means.

MOT computerisation is certainly the way forward.

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