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The aim of this site is to offer advice to help you get your car through the MOT test. The content within these pages will offer you practice help and advice to assist you in preparing your car for it's MOT inspection.

This site has been designed for people with little or no technical experience when it comes to working on or maintaining cars. No advice that we offer will involve any invasive inspections. This site is designed to assist you make observations. 

We do not offer repair advice, we simple assist you to make inspections of component condition.

Whilst this site has been designed for non mechanics and has been designed to be as straight forward as possible, you should seek professional advice if you are in any doubt about your vehicles safety or roadworthiness. Unsafe cars can be extremely dangerous and potential fatal. 

Component failure can lead to loss of of control and accidents. Never drive a car if you are not entirely sure it is safe.

It is highly recommended you get into a schedule of inspecting your car periodically. This should not be thought of as a replacement for professional garage servicing and inspections. Your inspections should be used as a supplement to professional garage services.




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