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Almost all vehicles in the UK need to be tested once per year to ensure they meet legal requirements including mechanical condition and emission levels. The emissions requirement is an effort to minimise the effect vehicles have on the environment.

An MOT certificate is not proof that a vehicle is road legal, it only means the vehicle has been subjected to an MOT inspection. This means the vehicle was considered road legal at the time of the MOT test.

If you drive a vehicle on the roads of the UK and your vehicle is not covered by a valid MOT then you are liable for a fine of up to 1000. Not having an MOT makes it impossible to legally obtain road tax. Driving a vehicle that is not taxed can lead to either a large fine, confiscation of your vehicle and or crushing of your vehicle.

From time to time police officers may request you produce your certificate of MOT. This is sometimes done when you are stopped for any reason, and the officer asks to see proof of an MOT. 

If you do not have your certificate on you, you will be provided with a form that requires you to produce your MOT certificate and any other driving documentation requested at the time of the stop. You will be able to produce these documents at a police office of your choice.

Failure to produce these documents can also result in a large fine.

The police now have a far greater chance of catching drivers who do not have a valid/genuine MOT. The police national computer now has a lot more information about each driver and each car. The police are now able to quickly know if a car is taxed, insured and in some cases covered by a  valid MOT.

MOT testing is a legal requirement and if you choose not to renew your MOT there is a very good chance you will be caught. Not having an MOT means you cant renew your road tax. Driving with an out of date tax disk is a sure way to get into a lot of trouble. 

If you drive without an MOT you will almost certainly get caught.



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