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Almost all vehicles are required to be covered by a valid MOT. The main exception to this is vehicles under the age of three years old.

Vehicles will require to be MOT tested every year after the third year has elapsed.

The reason for this is mainly due to the age of the vehicle. A new car is far less likely to suffer from wear and or corrosion than an older vehicle.

It is also accepted that vehicles under three years of age are more likely to be serviced and inspected regularly than older cars. One reason for this is manufacturers warranties. Failure to comply with the car makers service schedule can void the cars warranty. Because of this owners are far more likely to follow this schedule.

When you purchase a new car the dealer will normally deal with the MOT exemption issues on your behalf. This involves sending some documentation away to the VOSA. You will also be advised of the date when your car will require to start receiving annual MOT tests.

During the period of exception you will be responsible for the condition of your car. To be honest the same applies even when your car does have a valid MOT. The MOT is only proof that the vehicle was fit for road use at the time and date of the test.

There are some other vehicles that do not require an MOT. For example tractors and farm vehicles that will not be used on public roads.

If you are in any doubt as to weather or not your vehicle requires an MOT, please contact the VOSA directly. They will be able to offer much more advise.



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