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The MOT Test is a test that almost all vehicles must pass in order to legally use the roads within the UK. This website has been designed to help you understand the requirements for the MOT test, and to help you get your car through the MOT Test

In this site we have tried to explain in simple terms what you can do to get your car through the test. A lot of our content is not only aimed at ensuring your car meets MOT requirements, but will also help you maintain and look after your car all through the year.

Our Mock MOT test is a fairly simple test that you can carry out on your car prior to submitting it for it's MOT. This will give you a fairly good idea as to what sort of work your vehicle will require before it will pass.

The Mock MOT test is not a comprehensive MOT inspection, it is simple a quick test to check the simple items prior to the actual test. If you find faults at this stage it would be best to have them repaired before your true MOT, this will potential save you money if your car fails and requires a re-test.

Not all MOT stations offer a free re-test.

When your car goes through an MOT test it will either pass or fail. A failed MOT test can be due to a number of factors. We have provided some information to assist you if and when your car fails it's MOT test. Our MOT failure guide will offer practical help and advice.

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